Intelligent Octopuses

For the first time octopuses have been observed using tools. Researchers discovered that veined octopuses, found off the coast of Indonesia, use coconut shells to build armor for themselves. The octopuses where spotted collecting coconut shells and taking them when they moved to protect themselves from potential predators.

This marks the first time an invertebrate has been discovered to use tools.


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Gorilla Gives Birth

ganaGana, a gorilla living at the Allwetter Zoo in Germany has given birth to a daughter named Claudia. Mother and baby are reported to be doing well.

Gana was in the news last year after her baby, Claudio died at three months of age. Gana was so distraught at his death that she carried the body with her for several days trying to revive him.

She has had one other baby, a female named Mary Zwo that currently resides in a zoo in Stuttgart, Germany.

For more, visit the LA Times.

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New Animal Article: Koala

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Koalas have special adaptations that enable them to feast on eucalyptus leaves. Eucalyptus leaves are highly fibrous and poisonous to other animals. But koalas have bacteria in their stomachs that break down the fiber and toxic oils and allow them to absorb 25% of the nutrients.
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New Discoveries in Platypus Research


Scientists have turned to genome sequencing to determine how to categorize the platypus. With the help of a female platypus named Glennie, scientists have found that there are reptilian, avian and mammalian genome features present. These findings help prove that the unique platypus really is in a class by itself.

For more information:

For more interesting facts about how the platypus is unique, visit Animal Fact Guide’s article: Platypus

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New Additions to Animal Fact Guide

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Atlantic puffinAtlantic Puffin
Did you know that Atlantic puffins live out in the open sea most of the time and only come to land to breed for a few months a year?  Also, although puffins resemble penguins in their black and white markings, they are not related to penguins at all. In stark contrast to penguins, Atlantic puffins are excellent fliers and can reach speeds up to 88 km/h (55mph)!
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Cougar (Mountain Lion)Cougar (Mountain Lion)
The cougar, also commonly called the mountain lion, puma, and panther, is the largest cat in North America.  However, unlike other big cats such as lions and tigers, the cougar cannot roar and instead purrs like a house cat. Furthermore, with a slender body and round head with pointed ears, the cougar’s body shape closely resembles that of a house cat, only larger.
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Free Giant Panda Maze
We’ve also added more fun FREE downloads (in PDF format) to the Fun Stuff section including animal mazes! New additions include:

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